OBM Legal Consulting. is a law firm that specializes in the areas of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, and International Trade.

Our expertise allows us to offer clients complete legal advice, ensuring legal certainty and minimizing risks in commercial operations and international negotiations.

Expertise in these areas allow our firm to offer clear and comprehensive legal advice designed to minimize risks during commercial operations and international negotiations.

Usual clients of the firm:

  • Spanish companies with a business presence in foreign markets.
  • Foreign companies with a business presence in the Spanish market.

Additionally, legal advice is given to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) concerning the internationalization process and the criteria for successful entry and establishment in new markets.

Our legal strategies are developed and customized to meet the specific needs of each client and to provide them with the best possible chance of success.

Practice Areas

We advise our clients in their business, from the constitution to the development of their business transactions with customers and suppliers.
OBM Legal Consulting

Opal Morales AsencioOBM Legal Consulting, Commercial and Corporate Law
Contracts are essential to businesses, for this reason our firm offers our clients legal support, for them to be analyzed, drafted and signed with the major legal guarantees.
OBM Legal Consulting

Opal Morales AsencioOBM Legal Consulting, International Contracts
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Our Values

Our firm is committed to giving first-rate legal advice to our clients, in order to obtain the best possible results and prevent future risks.

Core values:

  • Efficiency
    Every relevant skill, experience, and knowledge is put to use in a timely manner, for each case and client.
  • Transparency
    Clear, personalized, and straightforward advice is always provided.
  • Commitment
    We become very committed in your case offering personalized advice.